Monday, October 31, 2005


It is great to find new music :)

Augustana are a new band from the USA I caught up with their music on another forum I am apart of I guess I am apart of at least 56 forums around the world dealing with different things I am interested in.

Well Augustana was discussed on one of them and we had a talk about their music.

Augustana are:

Dan Layus, vocals, piano, guitarJosiah Rosen, lead guitar, vocalsJared Palomar, bass, keyboards, vocalsJustin South, drums Copyright © 2005 SONY

Their debut single soared into the charts at number 20 "You'll Disappear" was their first single it is not on their current CD.



01. Mayfield 02. Bullets 03. Hotel Roosevelt 04. Boston 05. Stars & Boulevards (1st single out top 20# debut in) 06. Feel Fine 07 Wasteland 08. Lonely People 09. Sunday Best 10. California's Burning 11. Coffee & Cigarettes

If you are into the music from "Switchfoot" and "Coldplay" and "U2" then this CD is it :)

If you get in quick you can get an autographed book and 3 bonus tracks. Check their URL for samples of their music also.

I love these guys and their music.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


A while ago I wrote an entry on "Pretty Veags" being released with their new head singer J.D Fortune.

The CD is now revealed and the official track list is now released.

© 2005 INXS International Pty Limited. All rights reserved.


01 - Devil's Party 02 - Pretty Vegas 03 - Afterglow 04 - Hot Girls 05 - Perfect Stranger 06 - Remember Who's Your Man 07 - Hungry 08 - Never Let You Go 09 - Like It Or Not 10 - Us 11 - God's Top Ten.
© 2005 INXS International

Video for Pretty Vegas -

INXS are back :)

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Welcome back Susan T to the DVD for Bodypump 56. Joining her is Michael J McSweeney and Luis from Portugal.

Hopefully Luis and Susan speak on the new DVD release.

Lets hope :)


I am a huge fan of Mr Pump Michael J McSweney he totally rocks.

If he is reading here just want to say that I love his work I have watched most of the videos from release 23 with him and RuthieT and they worked so well together to his current work.

His work as a choreogrpaher and Product Manager for Bodypump is outstanding. If it was not for Michael I would have not been exposed to music that he chooses and for giving us Bodypump and giving me Bodypump 38 :) thank you Britney Spears for Stronger as well.

Love your work Michael :)


On the DVD for the current release for Bodypump 55 Geoff and Amy say nothing and I mean nothing. I would have loved to seen Geoff and Amy take one track. They say nothing and I mean nothing at all. They shadowed the release. I hope that the DVD for release 56 will have someone in the back talking or something.

Geoff and Amy did awesome work their technique was perfect and Geoff was trully inspiring to watch and learn from. Amy's work ethic is flawless and her technique execution was perfect and Geoff what more can I say awesome technique and tons of personality.

Oh Geoff is on the posters for Bodypump 55 (The dude in the center of the arches.) and also in the background of the poster for Bodypump 56 Amy is also in the background in the poster for release 56. They totally rock (awesome.)

It looks weird that they say nothing.

Hopefully Geoff and Amy will be back and say something please :)


Loved Texas I am a huge fan of theirs. "Wanna Be Your Lover" is my favorite track from the early 90's.

Well they are back :) I am a happy camper :)

"Can't Resist" is their latest single. I caught it on "Rave" this morning was very suprised. The CD "Red Book" is released on the 7th November 2005.

Other hits from the CD are: Red Book and Getaway. You can watch the videos on their site which is awesome :) they even have a blog as well :)

© 2005 Mercury Records

Track List:

1. 036 2. Getaway 3. Can't Resist 4. What About Us 5. Cry 6. Sleep 7. Get Down Tonight 8. Nevermind 9. Bad Weather 10. Master Thief 11. Just Holding On 12. Red Book 13. Getaway (Video Enhancement)14. Can't Resist (Video Enhancement)

If you loved Texas like I do enjoy :) I simply think Texas are awesome and love their music back then and love it even more now :)

You can hear sample of their current hit there as well :)

Friday, October 28, 2005


It is 13 days till Bodypump 56 comes out so excited. I am so into the music of release 56. I can not wait to do biceps to C & C Music Factory and to do Chest track to "She Drives Me Crazy"

It is going to be a great release looking at the track list so far.


Where I am from there is going to be a "Mens Only" gym they are going to run "Bodypump" and "Bodycombat" they are also going to run "Bodybalance" classes.

We also have "Fernwood" which is all "Ladies Gym"

I have no idea how it going to travel but should be interesting?


American Idol's Carrie Underwood has her very first offering on the 14th Nov 2005 her eagerly awaited CD "Some Hearts" is released. "Inside your Heaven" was the first track out. The CD is pop - country.

I adore her music and also the music of "Bo Bice" Bo's CD is due "December 2005" so stay tuned for that :)

"Jesus Take the Wheel" is the second single to be released by Carrie.

© 2005 Sony/BMG International


1. Wasted 2. Don't Forget to Remember Me 3. Some Hearts 4. Jesus, Take the Wheel 5. Night Before (Life Goes On) 6. Lessons Learned 7. Before He Cheats 8. Starts With Goodbye 9. I Just Can't Live a Lie 10. We're Young and Beautiful 11. That's Where It Is 12. Whenever You Remember 13. I Ain't in Checotah Anymore 14. Inside Your Heaven

Missing Songs:What Else You Got

Now waiting till the 14th November to buy her debut CD.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


A very very very long time ago I was a Jazz Ballet Dancer and also a Serbian and Greek Dancer. The things one tells. :) and what I am writting :)

Because of that I developed a love for Greek and Serbian music and Greek Dance. More things one tells :) Well a friend of mine from Athens sent me this CD today in the post and I simply love it. If you can get a hold of it please do so :)


© 2005 Sony Greece International

Awesome CD :)


JoeDom used to write on the old forums. He is a Certified Bodypump and RPM Instructor.

His website is located at:

Check out his BP'er "You might be a BodyPump'er if..."


It is with sad regret that Colleen Mills has passed away.

On behalf of this blogg site all my best and kindest regards to Les - Phillip - Jackie - Basil and their families.

Please vist the main blogg and pay respects to Les - Phillip - Jackie and family.

God Bless!


In Bodypump 41 we had 10 BP 41 Fly away from here Aerosmith we also had them in Bodybalance 7 BB 05 Come Together Aerosmith and 8 BB 08 Don't want to miss a thing Aerosmith. Their new CD is released on the 25th October entitled Aerosmith - Rockin' Your Joint.

© 2005 Columbia Records


01. Beyond Beautiful
02. Same Old Song And Dance
03. No More No More
04. Seasons Of Wither
05. Light Inside
06. Draw The Line
07. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
08. Big Ten Inch Record
09. Rattlesnake Shake
10. Walk This Way
11. Train Kept A Rollin'

If you are into aerosmith like me this is a must have CD :)

It is also available in DualDisk as well.


If anyone is interested in going to New Zealand apart of the experience please e-mail me at the address to the right of the blog :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


At the location below we are talking about the release, a partial track list is there.

Enjoy :)


© 2005 Les Mills International

Well here it is :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Great bodies are created. In 2002 we had a campaign called "The Revolution is Coming"

© 2002 Les Mills International

Awesome Poster :)


Direct from Israel comes Harel Moyal I love his music. If you are into Anthony Callea then this is your type of music :)

Harel Moyal – a young man who won this summer's "KochavNolad" contest – Israel 's equivalent of "American Idol".

A border police officer won Israel's version of "American Idol." Channel Two reported that more than 980,000 viewers tuned in on Sunday night for the final round of "A Star of Born," which was won by Harel Moyal, 23. Moyal took most of the roughly 2 million votes cast during the live broadcast, Channel Two television said. On Monday, police reported that there had been no disturbances of the peace anywhere in the country during the two-hour broadcast. Moyal was awarded a car and a record contract.

JTA END Copyright 2005 Cleveland Jewish News

The Most Popular Man in Israel:

Marion FischelHarel Moyal, 23, is a national hero after winning the TV talent competition show "A Star is Born" (Kochav Nolad), the Israeli equivalent of "American Idol." "He was a very nice, quiet, responsible boy," said Moyal's former teacher Effi Faintuch. "He was good at sports. But he never sang. I never knew he could sing until last year when he came in second [in the competition] here in Ma'ale Adumim." Faintuch says Moyal is an important example for local youth. "His victory shows them they can succeed in life if they try hard enough," he says. "And as a result of the show, more teenagers are learning to sing Hebrew songs again." (Jerusalem Post)

© 2005 Israel Music

The music is in Hebrew and simply love it :)

Check out his forum at:

Awesome music.

Here is his fanlist:

Deja Vu (2005)

Currently listening to Deja Vu (2005) from Israel Music :)

20 hits remade for the year 2005.

Awesome stuff :)


Often I see participants and others press their backs into the bench or floor to do do supine work in Bodypump.

Here is a guide:

Slowly roll back to the ground unwind the spine like a string of pearls.
Place the hand under the lower back and make sure that you can sandwich the hand between the lower back and the floor or the bench.
If you need to elevate your legs to a 90/90 situation then do so in Bench Press and Triceps. Advanced Option only.
Activate the abs while doing Ab Work also while doing chest press and triceps. If you activate the abs during the whole of Bodypump then the benefits are abdominal bracing and conditioning.

failure to engage the abs while doing Bodypump leads to incorrect motor patters being taught.

It takes at least a few time to learn the right motor skills to the perform exercise in Bodypump.

If you do the above then it is a safe and effective workout in Bodypump :)

Safe lifting :)


I have asked for some technical help a-while back from the Technical Directors regarding the cross over pushups in Bodypump.

They advise the following as an option:

People who are special populations and clientle that fits within this specification can do them on their knees. If you are new to Bodypump you can remain on your knees and do them as well.

My Point:

If you are struggling then take a few seconds out and come back to them.
If you have issues with technique then slow them down until you are able to master them.
Ask the instructor for help in being able to learn them.
Practice them at home (Pump Homework.)

Monday, October 24, 2005


Pulled out Bodypump 39 today and and have to say that it rocks.

Raffa - Wildside - Van Hallen - I'm Flying - Lets Get Loud - We will rock You - Adelante - Operation Blade - Lady Marmalade - Knocking on Heaven's Door.

Jump is one of the toughest chest tracks out, We will rock You is outstanding, Adelante is by far the hardest and toughest lunge tracks out, Operation Blade awesome, and love The Gunners and Boby Dylan to end this class.

If you have a chance ask your Instructor to pull this one out and do it. Besides Bodypump's 38 - 39 is a great workout.


No track 5 and 6.

Short and sweet.

Have an interesting reply why we do that?


Sunday, October 23, 2005


I am so glad I was able to get tapes back to release 21 of Bodypump "known as Pump" back then.

When I did my training in 2001.

I could not imagine not having them in my Bodypump Library and to have the wonderful music choreographed by Michael to them.

Just one very greatful Bodypump Instructor to be able to have them :)


13th October 2005 is the official release date of "Portrait" by Rick Astley.

"Never Gonna Give You Up" and "Together Forever" are classic hits from the 80's. Then in 1993 he dropped out of sight.

After a 2 or so years away from the charts Rick Astley is back. This time has recorded 13 classic tracks from artists "The Carpenters" "Simon and Farfunkle" and "Dean Martin"

© 2005 BMG International


01. Vincent 02. And I Love You So 03. Portrait Of My Love 04. Where Do I Begin 05. These Foolish Things 06. Cry Me A River 07. Nature Boy 08. Close To You 09. You Belong To Me 10. Make It Easy On Yourself 11. Somewhere 12. I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You 13. What The World Needs Now

Cannot wait till I get a copy of this CD. :)

Saturday, October 22, 2005


That Natha Leivas became a Bodypump Master Trainer for Argentina!

Before he developed for Les Mills International "Bodyfight" which became "Bodycombat" in 1998-1999!

They developed the program for Les Mills after discussions with Michael J McSweeney about Les Mills need for an Martial Arts Program and the rest is history!


At 10:15 am on the 22nd October Elizabeth Instructs the very first Bodypump Class in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. On behalf of myself and this blogg site congratulations to the team at Salvation Studio for getting back to business.

Salvation Studios can be found at 2917 Magazine Street, Suite 202 New Orleans Louisiana, 70115.

504 696 2200.

So if you are in New Orleans drop by her class as 10:15 and give them a great welcome back :)

kia ora



Joana comes to Bodypump 56 with her massive hit I Believe (Give A Little Bit...) (Radio Remix) just love the video for this track.

© 2005 Polydor (Universal)


01 "Love Is A Temple" 02 "Lucky Star" 03 "I Believe (Give A Little Bit...)"04 "When We Dance" 05 "I´ve Learned To Walk Alone" 06 "What You Give Is What You Get" 07 "Any Other Day" 08 "Island In The Stream"09 "Got To Be Sure" 10 "When You Love Somebody" 11 "Miss You In My Arms" 12 "In The End" 13 "Because Of You"

On her website you can listen to her version of the track. I have heard this track somewhere before, not sure where?


I love "The Rouge Traders" and have been a steady fan of theirs for years. This time they come to us in Bodypump 56 with track 2 which I have heard is a "cracker" track 2 ouch!

For those who don't know the Traders check out the hyperlink above to their site.

"Here comes the Drums" is their latest release this time with "Neighbours" bad girl "Izzy Hoyland" - "Natalie Bassingthwaighte" as the lead vocalist for the group. Just love her in Neighbours as much as I like her matched with bad boy "Paul Robinson" "Stefan Dennis" :)

Neighbours rock seriously :)

© 2005 Sony BMG Australia


01. Believer 02. Voodoo Child (Album Version) (Track 2 Bodypump 56.) 03. Way To Go! (Album Version) (2nd Track Out.) 04. World Go 'Round 05. Rescue Me 06. Watching You 07. Change The Channel 08. We're Coming Home 09. Fashion 10. White Lightning 11. In Love Again
12. Casting Aside

3 weeks till Bodypump 56 :)

Bring it on :)


Les Mills USA is looking for Trainers for Bodypump.

Check the following URL:

Complete the assessment form as well:

Good Luck :)

Friday, October 21, 2005


I have been reading Tami and Craigs site on mixing releases. Never really said much on any other forum or place about this. So here I go, when I attended Bodypump classes at the start we had tapes not CD's in those days. The instructors usually did the first 1/2 of a tape then the last 1/2 of another tape. We know that we were going to get the same thing for at least a few weeks.

Here is my thoughts. Bodypump is based on the principles of "Resistance Training" and much to the extent of being able to work on some sort of progression of some sort. I really enjoyed it that each week I was expecting a track and was preparing to add that extra 5 kgs to the squats and lunges and feeling some sort of satisfaction knowing that I finally got 3 5kg's on each side of the bar and performed lunges to that. I also got a buzz that I was able to squat the same. That my bench press was getting better in time and I loaded 17 kgs each side and used that weight for the back track. It felt good that I was able to do this.

So why mix week after week, I am speaking from the participants view point, I liked the fact that I was able to increase weights, work on technique and generally had an awesome workout. The role model on stage educated us that through progression Bodypump can also be about increasing weights each week and building awesome technique. I still to this day think that if you approach the class from that point of view and work with a release and pealing away the layers and increasing weights week by week each release would be challenging as well as a great workout.

The room was electric and we also had tons of motivation to go harder and push ourselves faster.

I guess I am asking why mix? Week after week and not allow participants to increase weights, work on technique and work on their safety aspects of their lifting - and weight choices.?

Is mixing not allowing the participants to become awesome weight lifters in a Bodypump class?

If you work with a release for 4 weeks then see what that does when they finally nail that 30 kg barrrier in lunges and able to lift that extra in chest track or load the bar for biceps by an exrtra kg or so?

Give that a go :)


Bodypump before release 26 was always known as Pump. Then as of release 26 it was known as Bodypump.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


© 2005 Les Mills International

This is my first remote blog and hope that it gets to where it is ment to get to.

So where it goes anyone knows :)

The USA has released two sensational releases if you are in the USA and a Les Mills Registered Instructor please purchase these releases. They contain 20 tracks from various Bodypumps from the 20's to the 30's series of Bodypump. Call the folks at Les Mills USA and purchase these releases it is a one in a lifetime chance to experience the best Bodypumps we had back in the last 90's.


Next month this site will host a Bodypump photoalbum.

The album will contain class pictures.

So stay tuned :)


In Search of Sunrise, Vol. 4: Latin America is out now.

If you are apart of his forum :) at you can also watch:

7 BP 53 Love Comes again DJ Tiesto

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Crossfade have been together since July 23, 2004, they are Ed Sloan, Mitch James: and James Branham.

If you are into Megadeth - Metalica then this group is your fit. I like Megadeth and Metalica and heavy rock.

Their current CD is called "Crossfade" "Cold" is the highlight of the CD.

(c)2005 Sony International


1. Starless, 2. Cold, 3. So Far Away, 4. Colors, 5. Death Trend Setta, 6. The Deep End, 7. No Giving Up, 8. Dead Skin, 9. Disco, 10. The Unknown

Check out their space at:

The CD is hard core "Advise Caution when listening to the CD" their music is not evryones type of music.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Jessica Smith wrote this article back in 2001.

Click on the link below:

There is a quiz at the end.

Test your knowledge :)

Interesting reading!


In 2002, there was tons of information about Shoulder Impingement in Bodypump. If your Les Mills Instructor has access to 2002 Bodypump 41 Ed Materials ask them for an intensive on correct and proper execution of movement in Bodypump using that Ed Sessions materials as a guide.

Lots of useful information from those session's notes are valuable to people who are beginning Bodypump and know nothing about the classes and proper lifting techniques.

Holding classes in Shoulder Impingement issues really is useful to new participants coming to classes.

kia ora :)


Australian Idol produces some great acts. Here is one of them.

Check her website out.

"Ricki Lee" was in Australia Idol in 2004, that year gave us "Casey Donovan" as the winner and "Anthony Callea" as the runner up.

"Ricki Lee" is a Queensland artist, she is from the Gold Coast which is about 40 minutes away from where I live.

Well Ricki Lee has released her much awaited debut CD called "Ricki Lee" the first single was "Hell No" which did very well on the charts. Her latest single is called "Sunshine."

Her CD was released 3rd October 2005.



01. Turn it Up
02. Sunshine (2nd Single Out.)
03. Can you feel it?
04. Hell no! (1st Single Out.)
05. Something about you
06. Breathe
07. Let me Hear you Say
08. Vibe is Right
09. Stay with Me
10. Tell Him
11. Done with It
12. Listen Up
13. Hello
14. Being Human

Check out Ricki Lee and her music she is awesome :)

Casey and Anthony and Shannon are featured on this site.


I have updated the video hall of fame for Bodypump.

Check it out :)


Proud to announce a single entry forum for this Blog site coming November 2005. It is a single entery forum which focuses on Bodypump and allows people to register and talk about only Bodypump.

It is in the colors of this Blog site.

That sounds like heaven to me :)


Been busy writing up the sites Blog entry for Bodypump 56.Coming November 12 2005 promotional poster for Bodypump 56, 2 Artists Reviews, Tracklist for Bodypump 56 and Fan Sites.

The poster for Bodypump 56 should be here on the first week of November 2005. It features a better picture of Geoff Taylor - Amy Barnes and 2 new instructors I have never seen before. It looks like it is photographed on the wharf at Auckland.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Journey have been together for 30 years they came around the same time as Reo Speedwagon.

Man I have been a fan of Steve Perry and Jonathan Caine for such a long time. Their music entered my life in late 1970's. I feel in love with their music while listening to American Top 40 with Kassey Kasem in 1982, with their massive hit Open Arms while listening to 2WL Wollongong.

From that day I have been a steady fan of Journey and Steve Perry.

Music by groups like Survivor - Styx - Reo Speedwagon - 38 Special - Vanhallen - Rufus - Malcom Mclaren - Heart - The Smiths - Hall and Oates - Joan Jett - Mellisa Manchester - The Go Gos - The Gap Band - Kenny Loggins - Patrice Rushin etc.. shaped the music I now listen to today.

I simply love the 80's and the music of my generation:)

Generations was released 4th October a week or so back. This has been a highly awaited CD for me and I am looking forward to hearing all the new gear on this CD. The guys from Journey always have wicked front covers to their LP's and CD's this one is no exception.

(c)2005 Sanctuary Records


1. Faith in the Heartland
2. Place in Your Heart
3. Better Life
4. Every Generation
5. Butterfly (She Flies Alone)
6. Believe
7. Knowing That You Love Me
8. Out of Harms Way
9. In Self-Defense
10. Better Together
11. Gone Crazy
12. Beyond the Clouds
13. Never Too Late [Remix Version]
14. Generations EPK [CD-ROM Track][*][Multimedia Track]

So if you are into 80's super groups Journey are back :) now waiting for new material from Hall and Oates :)


The project includes three members of group. In the end of year of 2004 2 groups have been incorporated SAHAROFF and SHADOX in the project "SAHAROFF Project"
©1995-2005 CNET Networks, Inc.

©1995-2005 CNET Networks, Inc

They are a Russian Based Trance Act.

Hits so far:

SAHAROFF Project vs Tema eto tema (Radio Mix) - Winter On Ural 2005 (Radio Edit) - Lonely love - Nights of Dreams.

Their debut CD is called " VseSOJUZnyj proryv goda"

If you are into Progressive Russian Trance then give these guys a listen to :)

Sunday, October 16, 2005


I miss reverse curls also pull overs in Bodypump it must have been 4 years since they made an appearance in Bodypump.

Was wondering if anyone can think of any others that are missing in Bodypump?

30,000 HITS

Just noticed 30,000 hits since the blog site has gone live.

Thank you everyone who has visted the site.

Much appreciated :)


Added a banner with on the side of the blog site. If anyone is have difficulties with accessing the site please place a comment.


DHT are taking off bigtime. They are charting with "Listen to Your Heart" originally recorded by Roxette. Their version went all the way to the top 10 singles chart in the USA.

DHT are Edmee Daenen and Flor Theeuwes.

(c)2005 Robbins ntertainment


01. Listen To Your Heart (Furious F. EZ Radio Edit) (Single No 1.)(Certified Platinum.)
02. I Go Crazy
03. At Seventeen (The best single on the CD.)
04. I Miss You
05. Someone
06. Driver's Seat
07. I Can't Be Your Friend
08. My Dream
09. Sun
10. Why
11. Depressed
12. To Your Heart (Edmee's Unplugged Vocal Edit)

Ckeck out the website linked above and listen to their music. The video for "Listen to Your Heart" can be viewed at their website. Would be a wicked track for Bodypump :)

Coming tomorrow my review of "Bodypump 39" last one was "Bodypump 38" :)


iN 1991 Bodypump was created by Phillip Mills and Michael J Mc Sweeney. It was created to get me into the aerobics room and it certainly has worked.

Bodypump is officially 14 years old now. On behalf of this blogger site congratulations Mike and Phillip on an outstanding program.

I have been with Bodypump for the last 8 of those 14 years and wish I was there for the very first 6 years of the program.

Bodypump just goes from strength the strength :)

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Stock Aitken Waterman - Gold

© 2005 PWL Radio Ltd

The CD - DVD is released - November 7th 2005 via Sony BMG International.

Who remembers the 80's and 90's music of Stock Aitken and Watterman. Kylie Minoque - Rick Astley - Mel and Kim were all the range. Remembering Kylie and Jason and the marriage on Neighbours to "Suddenly" by Angy Anderson. Now remembering "Got to Be Certain" "Never going to Give You Up" "Respectable" :)

Well the ultimate Stock Aitken and Waterman release is here now.

It has 38 of their hits and a bonus DVD for those wanting a refresher of the 80's and 90's videos they came out with.

Imagine if the choreographers of Les Mills had this release?

Seriously hmmmmm!


Love and Devotion - Real McCoy

If anyone knows please tell me :) I have the tracklist for this bodypump not to sure about the release number.

Mike posted the tracklist on the old forums back in 2002.

I have a copy of the post :)


Had this on my hard drive going back to at least 3 years created a fantasy 80's Bodypump. Was looking at the tracklist for Bodypump 56 and some of the tracks are from a really top notch decade of music the 80's.

01. The right stuff (Bryan Ferry)
02. She works hard for the money (Donna Summer)
03. Cross my heart (Eighth Wonder.) or Out of mind out of sight (Models)
04. Send me an angle (Real Life) (needs mixing in three spots.)
05. The lover in me (Shena Easton)
06. Right on track (Breakfast Club)
07. Take on me (Ah Ha)
08. Theme from S – Express (S-Express)
09. Push It (Salt and Pepper)
10. Live to tell (Madonna) Song or B-side instrumental

So does anyone have their 80's just make up for fun Bodypump :)

Friday, October 14, 2005


On Monday 14th October "Drama" the log awaited new CD. Their first CD from this release is "Move in My Direction" out on the 24th October 2005. Keren and Sarah are a duo now.

© 2005 PWL

Track listing:

1. Move In My Direction (1st single out.)
2. Look On The Floor ( Hypnotic Tango )
3. Waterfall
4. Frequency
5. Feel For You
6. Don't Step On My Groove
7. Middle Of Nowhere
8. I Love The Way
9. Lovebite
10. Rules Of Attraction
11. Your Love Is Like A Drug
12. Venus (Marc Almonds Hi Nrg Showgirls Mix)
13. Really Saying Something (Solasso Mix)

Imagine Bananarama in Bodypump :)

Thursday, October 13, 2005


© 2005 INXS

J.D. Fortune joined INXS after the reality TV show "Rock Star" selected him to front "The New INXS" after the dramatic exit of Jon Stevens who was already a major hit with his group "Noiseworks" one of our finest groups and produced a massive hit "Reach Out" which now is one of "Noiseworks" classic hits.

"I Get Up" was featured in Bodypump 55 "Track 8" which IMO is one of the finest shoulder tracks ever :)

I heard the latest release by "INXS" called "Pretty Vegas" it's a fine track. I can see J.D being with this group for a very long time.

Click on the link below to see a sneek preview of the new INXS track :)

INXS has a new CD called "Switch" released 29th November 2005, CD Review coming outn then.

If you go to their official site linked above you can hear and see the video and single.

See the review of Bodypump 55 for details of INXS which was featured as a artist in that release:

I am a huge INXS fan and J.D Fortune sounds awesome as their new lead singer.

Check out his space:

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Brian - Shane - Nick and Mark are back and without Brian who left the group in 2003.

They have had a massive 12 number 1 hits. This is their latest studio CD.

© 2005 Sony/BMG International


01. You raise me up (1st single out.) 24.10.2005
02. When you tell me that you love me
03. Amazing
04. That's were you find love
05. She's back
06. Desperado
07. Colour my world
08. In this life
09. Heart without a home
10. Hit you with the real thing
11. Change your mind
12. Maybe tomorrow

The Boybands are back with NSYNC - Backstreet Boys and now Westlife coming out with new matrial music in 2006 can only get better :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


5 BP 40 Stranger in the House Tamia featured an awesome set of kickbacks. An awesome release.

Just wondering on the different variations. Have been looking around and there are some different variations. Recently people have been doing them on the floor. I personally use one side of the bench then go to the other side of the bench to do the other side.


Increases ROM
Allows a proper kickback and return to the set position for a triceps kickback.
Allows proper recruitment of the tricpes muscles and allows proper elbow flexion and extension.

I guess it comes from my initial PT who insited that I use the bench on the gym floor to do them.

I just took what I learned in arm positioning and supporting the body from this position and applied it to triceps kickbacks in Bodypump.

In GYM INSTRUCTION we use the bench for support.

Was drilled into me the right way of doing them, had a awesome Physical Edcuation Teacher train me in GYM Instruction and Resistance Training :)

We have them coming up in Bodypump 56 and was wondering what everyone does out there?

Sunday, October 09, 2005


"Confessions on a Dance Floor" on the 14th November comes her long awaited new CD. "Hung Up" is the first single from the set. It is her 10th Studio CD.

She is one of Bodypumps favorite artists "Madonna" she appeared on the following releases.

3 BP 22 Don't Cry For Me Argentina Madonna
3 BP 38 Don't Tell Me Madonna
3 BP 49 Don’t Cry For Me Argentina Madonna

Bodypump 38 was a special release. Love the intensity of the track and the beginning was an innovative beginning for a Chest Track. "Don't Tell Me" is a wicked Chest Track She also featured in "Bodybalance" as well - check the track listings for Bodybalance and see her contributions to "Bodybalance" going back to the early releases.

"Don't Cry for me Argentina" liked the original choroegraphy. The choreography in release 49 was confusing when I did the original choreography in release 22. Bodypump 49 is a Best of Release for us and featured "Jackie O - Bobby Brown - AC/DC" and one of the coolest track 9's ever Missing and a way cool track 10 "Nothing Like the Rain" from old friends of Bodypump "2 Unlimited."

Now back to the Material Girl :) in 1983 I heard her for the very first time with her hits "Lucky Star" and "Borderline" she was first featured on "Countdown" hosted by Molly Meldrum and I heard "Lucky Star" first on Triple J in the middle of the night. Went out to the record store and asked for the singles and was confronted with "Madonna" never heard of her. Asked if they could get it in and they said as it was an import would take a few weeks. Now everyone knows who "The Material Girl" is and then she appeared in Bodypump in the 1990's and in 2003 with "The Best of Collection" Bodypump 49.

© 2005 Sire Records International
Albumcover, shot by Steven Klein
Art work by Giovanni Bianco


01. Hung Up (1st single) radio Oct. 17 / single Nov. 7
02. Get Together
03. Sorry
04. Future Lovers
05. I Love New York
06. Let It Will Be
07. Forbidden Love
08. Jump
09. How High
10. Isaac
11. Push
12. Like It Or Not

Produced by: DJ Stuart

Now looking forward to hearing "The Material Girl" back on the charts and hearing the rest of the CD when it is officially released on the 14th November 2005. Should be a great Christmas release and hopefully we can see Madonna in any Les Mills Group Fitness classes in 2006. If that is the case bring on 2006 and Madonna in any of the programs :)

Now waiting - waiting and waiting for the CD "eagerly taps foot" :)

Saturday, October 08, 2005


On tonights episode of Monk I heard "The Chemical Brother" Galvanised and "Word Up" by Korn.

Wonders if Mike watches Monk?


Click the above link to enter their site.

20 year-old identical twins from Brisbane Australia, Jess and Lisa Origliasso.

They were signed to Sire Records. Which has Madonna on their list of performers.

Their first single is "4 Ever" from their soon to be released. CD "The Secret Life Of The Veronicas"

(c)2005 Sire Records

Track List:

01. 4EVER (1st Single out.)

Review and sample recordings are at:

Friday, October 07, 2005


Poll results so far.

Are you one happy camper with Bodypump 55?

Yes 59%
No 28%
Not Sure 13%

So far the yes camp is ahead. The poll will be there till mid November 2005.

I am sure that everyone is going to love the next release with 11 tracks :)

So start voting away if you don't like Bodypump 55 or simply love it.

What did I vote?

Hmmmm :)


Click the above link to enter the world of Switchfoot.

I wrote a review a long time back on Switchfoot. Well the guys are back. They have a awesome new release hot on the heals of "A Beautiful Letdown."

This time they guys are back with their latest offering called "Nothing is Sound" their first single from that release is "Stars".

Why do they always film their singles in Rain Effects?

I got hooked on their music late.

(c) 2005 Columbia Records

Track Listings:

01. Lonley Nation
02. Stars (First Single Out.)
03. Happy Is A Yuppie Word
04. The Shadow Proves The Sunshine
05. Easier Than Love
06. The Blues
07. The Setting Sun
08. Politicians
09. Golden
10. The Fatal Wound
11. We Are One Tonight
12. Daisy

Check out their gear also their other music :)

It also comes in DualDisk which is a new technology.


Click the above link to enter the world of Anna K. If you click on each title on her site you can hear what Anna's musical influences are. There are some promotial materials on her there.

She is simply amazing and her music is awesome. I love discovering new music and everyday something pops up. Well a few days ago her music appeared in my life.

Her music would be discribed as trance - meets hard rock meets heavy pop. She is groundbreaking in her music and her style of music would appeal to all. Her music is more RPM that Bodypump can imagine her music being used in RPM or Bodybalance. Parts of her music reminds me of Cheryl Crowe and that type of music.

Click on the interview link and hear some haunting music.

Anna K is currently 5 on the charts there with Noc na Zemi from her current CD.

(c) 2005 BMG

Check out her website she is one awesome artist from Slovakia.

Everything you need to find about her is there. Will write up a massive review by the end of today about Anna K and her music :)

Her music is not in English sorry. I love her music it transends any language barrier and her music is infectious and also uplifting as well :)

Bio can be found in Slovak at :

I hope you like her music :)


Check out her music on her site linked above.

Biography details at:


Ani Lorak (real name Carolina Kuyek) was born on September 27, 1978, in the city of Kitsman, Chernovtsy oblast` in Ukraine.

(c) Lavina Music

The above CD Ani Lorak from 2004 features the hits: 1 Mriy pro mene 2 Moyi bazhannya 3 Anyuta. Love track 2 sounds so J-Lo or Christina A :)

Her Ukraine Site:

She is one hot artists from that part of the world.

Ani is a singer from the Ukraine she is a massive hit from there. I had the pleasure of listening to her music yesterday. She has been charting in the Ukraine for nearly 9 years now and ranks as one of thier most popular artists.

Ani's latest CD is called Smile. It features 3 hits so far - Smile , A Little Short of Love and Car Song. Highlight of the CD is a Little Short of Love.

(c) 2005 Lavina Music

1. Right Away
2. Smile (Current Single.)
3. A Little Shot of Love (Current Single.)
4. Car Song (Current Single.)

5. To be on Top
6. Don’t talk about love
7. Untie Me
8. Why
9. 13
10. The Best
11. Rozkazhy (Tell Me)
12. Chekaju (I am Waiting)

Bonus video

13. Smile
14. A Little Shot of Love
15. Car Song

Check out her videos at:

Here is an interview with the artist herself in English:

Thursday, October 06, 2005


In little over 4 weeks we will have Bodypump 56. Was wondering what people thought of Bodypump 55?

I loved Bodypump 55 it was a awesome release :) I have done in excess of 39+ Bodypumps and I can say that 55 to me is one of the best ever.

Highlights were the following:

01. Party feel of track 1 Back to Basics.
02. Track 2 wow nice work Michael one of the best ever. Up there with The Race, The Haka and 18 Strings which are classic squat tracks.
03. Poison was a highlight of this release.
04. E-Type great track nice set of rows and deadlifts :)
05. California wow awesome track love it, love it, love it now my favorite track 5 ever.
06. Galvanize superb track one of my favs now. Different in so many ways :) a good workout track.
07. Motorcycle a very nice lunge track :)
08. INXS wow awesome track - nice short and sweet :)
09. Alicia Keys like her work never imagined that this can be a abs track remarkable :)
10. Different is the word. However, a really cool way to end a superb Bodypump 55.

Does anyone have highlights from Bodypump 55.

4 weeks 12th November 2005 comes Bodypump 56.

Bring it on :)

Return of the kickbacks in track 5.

100 % plate work in track 8 :)

Nice work Michael love your work always :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Jackie wrote something on the main blog site about Pregnancy in Bodybalance. Here is an excellent resource about Pregnancy in Bodypump.

There is one on the Bodybalance site as well, check the side menus it is there.

Here is the link below:

The material is (c) Les Mills International


Click on the above link to learn about this long awaited release.

Savage Garden is "Daniel Jones" and "Darren Hayes". I had the pleasure of knowing Darren Hayes for a long time when he lived in Logan City. He is one nice guy. He certainly knows his music and knows what people like to hear in music. He went to school at Logan and the Group Savage Garden began here in Logan City Queensland Australia.

Mike used their music in RPM and they were favorites of mine while attending RPM classes back then. Thanks Mike for them in RPM :) and Jackie used them in Bodybalance :)

RPM apperances for "Savage Garden"

9 RPM 03 Truly Madly Deeply Savage Garden
9 RPM 06 I Knew I Loved You Savage Garden
1 RPM 07 The Animal Song Savage Garden
5 RPM 08 Affirmation Savage Garden
9 RPM 22 Truly Madly Deeply Savage Garden

Bodybalance apperances for "Savage Garden"

3 BB 14 Truly Madly Deeply Savage Garden
7 BB 16 Crash & Burn Savage Garden - Savage Garden

They now release their much awaited new compilation CD available 7th November 2005. The first release single is “So Beautiful” and another new release from the same CD is called “California”.

So Beautiful (First CD of the Greatest Hits CD.)

© 2005 Sony BMG

Released - 01st October 2005

01 So Beautiful (Radio Edit)
02. To The Moon and Back Medley**
03. Truly Madly Deeply Medley**
04. Something in The Sky
05. So Beautiful (Lee Groves Mix)

** Recorded live in concert London England. "So Beautiful" is the most added single this week on world radio.

Check the following link for audio of the new release single "So Beautiful."

Savage Garden Greatest Hits Collection - 31st October 2005 (Outside USA.)

© 2005 Sony BMG

01. I want You
02. I knew I Loved You
03. To the Moon & Back
04. Hold Me
05. Santa Monica
06. Breaks me shake me
07. Truly madly deeply
08. The animal song
09. Affirmation
10. So beautiful (performed by Darren Hayes)
11. California (performed by Darren Hayes)

12. I Don't Care
13. I’ll Bet he Was Cool
14. Love Can Move You
15. Fire inside the Man
16. This Side of Me

The B Sides

17. I Don't Care
18. I'll Bet He Was Cool
19. Love Can Move You
20. Fire Inside The Man
21. This Side Of Me

If you get a chance please listen to this great CD and would make a great Christmas Gift for anyone wanting to give a great present this coming Christmas of 2005.

Check out their music please :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Have been spending tons of time locating and looking for the music used in Bodypump 56 and guess what?

I have about 89% of the music in my CD - Record collection so I decided to dig in the old archives of music I have going back at least 30 years and listen to the original Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum and comparing that the one by Dr and the Medics and also by Gareth Gates Feat the Kumars the track is timeless.

Have the original Wonderfull Life by Black and it still is timeless to this day.

Now tapping, tapping, tapping my feet to experience Bodypump 56. It should be a fond walk down memory lane and also remembering where I was when the original releases were around.

One memory Spirit in the Sky it was around the same year as I think I love You by the Patridge Family everyone had a crush on David Cassidy or Susan Day. So thats a good memory of 1970 and also memories of The Brady Bunch - Get Smart - The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Gilligans Island.

TV was awesome back then :)

Music wise "War" Edin Starr topped the charts, The Beatles were still charting, Neil Diamond, Diana Ross, Shocking Blue, Bj Thomas, Jackson 5, Three Dog Night, The Carpenters, Bread, Smokey Robinson, Ray Stevens, Simon and Garfunkel were all topping the charts.

In 1996 "She Drives Me Crazy" was released by Fine Young Cannibals, the same CD also had another hit "Suspicious Minds" a remake of the massive hit by Elvis Presley. She Drives Me Crazy reached No 5 in the UK.

In 1996 massive changes were occuring on film Fargo - Trainspotting - The Crusible were making the wide screen. TV wise The Nanny - Murder She Wrote - Everybody Loves Raymond started and ended in 2005.

This is going to be a cracker release :)

Coming up retrospective of Michael J McSweeney - Additional Functionality to the PopUpCards!

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